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We are led by experienced Promoters with years of experience in the glass industry. Our Promoter, Chairman and Whole-Time Director, Subhash Tyagi, has over three decades of experience and is a leading figure in the glass industry and guides our strategic planning and growth. He started his journey in 1985 as a distributor in the glass distribution business. Further, in 1996, Subhash Tyagi expanded his business operations from being a distributor of glass products to starting a glass processing unit, and in 2009, through our Roorkee, Uttarakhand facility, entered into manufacturing of float glass. Subhash Tyagi’s experience across all the verticals of glass industry has helped our Company in creating a wide distribution network due to his experience in dealing with retailers, distributors and processors. He was a founder member of Federation of Safety Glass and was also twice elected the chairman of Architectural Glass Panel at the All India Glass Manufacturers Federation. He has also received the youngest entrepreneur award and pride of India award for his achievements in glass industry. Further, Suresh Tyagi, our Vice-Chairman and Whole-time Director, also has over three decades of experience in the glass industry and was appointed as our Managing Director from September 5, 2006 until December 2021.
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